Yield as an indicator of progress in production of mushrooms Agaricus bisporus (Lange, Sing)
Marian Gapiński, Wanda Woźniak, Joanna Murawska, Mirosława Ziombra

Abstract. The total yield of mushrooms depends on the amount and quality of the applied substrate. The results given in this study concern the proportions of quality classes of mushrooms in the total yield. This study presents data on yield classes of mushrooms over the four years of the study in terms of months of the year. All the evaluated periods of culture, irrespective of the year and months, varied in terms of the volume and quality of produced explanation yield. The highest increase in yield in the successive cultures was recorded for mushrooms class Exthra. These results show that the direction of development for mushroom production was correct. The advantage of yield-forming property of phase III compost over the yield-forming efficiency of phase II. Its rate of development was not very intensive.

Key words: mushrooms, yield class, periods of culture