Eugenia Czernyszewicz
Long-Term Trends in Production and Consumption of Aples in Poland, Europe and Worldwide
Długookresowe tendencje w produkcji i konsumpcji jabłek w Polsce, Europie i na świecie

Abstract. Apples are in many countries dominant species of fruit both in production and consumption. Trends in consumption of these fruits are important indicators for producers. The aim of this study was to determine long term changes in the production and consumption of apples in Poland, Europe and different regions of the world. The basis for the analysis were secondary FAO data. The dynamics of changes of these variables, the trend and the relationship between production and consumption of apples in different regions of the world were determined. On the basis of the analysis, it was found that the production and consumption of apples in the EU in the long term are quite stable. Globally, during the analyzed period, the highest increase in apple production was seen in Asia and Africa. In Poland in the years 1961–2010, apple production increased by 559%, and in the following years there was a rapid increase in production to a level of 3.1 million tones in 2013, while the consumption of apples increased of only over 133%.
Key words: apple, production, consumption, tendency