The influence of freeze-drying process on the selected mechanical properties of mushrooms
Ryszard Kramkowski, Bogdan Stępień, Krzysztof Banasik

Abstract. The investigations of compression and cutting work of dried material obtained in result of freeze-drying process of mushrooms are presented. The freezing of raw material was carried out at 0,5°C min rate up to the temperature of -20°C. The freeze-drying process was performed with the application of heat supply both by radiation as well as by contact way. The temperature of heating plate were 0, 20, 40°C at constant pressure of 25 Pa. The changes in mushrooms cubicles in effect of drying process were evaluated by the compresion of fresh material and the dried material subjected to rehydration. It has been stated that during the freeze-drying process, significant changes in the examined mechanical properties take place.

Key words: freeze-drying, mushrooms, mechanical properties