Infuence of magnetic and electric fields on seeds. Germination of selected cultivated plants
Stanis³aw Pietruszewski

Abstract. The influence of magnetic and electric field on seeds germination are presented. Seeds of winter wheat germinated in alterneting (35 and 50 mT) and stationary (100 and 185 mT) magnetic field. The seeds of cabbate germinated in stationary magnetic field 70, 120 and 210 mT. Hawaver, the onion seeds germinated in magnetic field 40 and 80 mT. Weak qualitirave of tomato seeds were biostimulated by electric field 5 and 10 kV•cm-1 and later germinated in Petri dishes. All processes of germination was described by the help equation of logistic curve.

Key words: plant seeds, magnetic field, electric field, seeds biostimulation, logistic curve