Agata Paluch, Monika Stoma
Analiza możliwości rozwoju produkcji oraz rynku produktów regionalnych i tradycyjnych w województwie lubelskim
Analysis of development possibilities for regional and traditional products market in Lublin voivodeship

Abstract. The subject of study was the market of regional products in Lubelskie voivodeship. The paper presents the current number of registered, traditional products and what products are defined as traditional and regional according to The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Conducted studies aimed at the analysis of prospective development of the market of regional and traditional products in Lubelskie voivodeship, as well as to examine the influence which a place of residence has on perception of such products. Furthermore, the sources of information concerning traditional products were looked into and likelihood of purchase, as well as the determinants that make respondents buy the products.

Key words: traditional product, regional product, eatables, consumer