The influence of cytokinins on in vitro multiplication of Aeschynanthus hybridus ‘Carina’ shoots
Wpływ cytokinin na namnażanie in vitro pędów Aeschynanthus hybridus ‘Carina’

Summary. Shoot tips of Aeschynanthus hybridus ‘Carina’ taken from aseptically grown shoot clusters were cultured 5 weeks in vitro in MS medium supplemented with cytokinins: BA (4.4, 8.9, 22.2 μM), kinetin (4.7, 9.3, 23.3 μM), 2iP (4.9, 9.9, 24.6 μM). Explants cultured on the medium without cytokinins were used as a control. A significant influence of cytokinin type and their concentration on the multiplication of shoots were observed. BA at the concentration of 22.2 μM gave the highest multiplication rate. Axillary shoots regenerated sporadically on media containing 24.6 μM 2iP. No regeneration of new shoots was obtained in the presence of kinetin. The best rooting was on the control medium and on the media with 2iP.

Key words: Aeschynanthus hybridus, cytokinins, micropropagation