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Guide for authors
Annales UMCS SEC. E, EE, EEE, DD

General principles

1. Annales UMCS publishes papers in Polish and English, which are a result of the author’s own research.

2. The submitted papers are subject to the reviews by the publisher.

3. The author of the published paper is obliged to transfer their copyrights on the publisher and submit a written declaration that the paper has not been published in any other journal.

The following scheme of the paper is obligatory

1. Name of the department or institute, name of university, corresponding address, both postal and internet ones.

2. Full first names and surname of the author(s).

3. Title of the paper in Polish and English.

4. Structural summary in Polish and English including about 600–1000 signs, and key words in Polish and English.

5. The following chapters should be distinguished in the paper: INTRODUCTION, MATERIAL AND METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS, REFERENCES.

6. Titles of tables and their contents as well as captions of the figures and explanations are to be provided in Polish and English, while the numbers of tables and figures are to be given in Arabic numerals.

Technical preparation of the papers

1. The volume of the paper with tables, figures and photos should not exceed 12 pages of A-4 paper.

2. The style of the documents - the text is to be written in TNR fonts in 12 points, with the spacing of 1.5 between the lines. It is admissible to distinguish some fragments of the text, e.g. writing in bold or italics, but without any underlined letters, words or sentences.

3. The size of tables and figures is not to exceed 12.5 × 19.5 cm.

4. The international system of units (SI) is to be used.

5. Literature – while referring to the publications of other authors, the surname and the year are to be given in the chronological order [Kowalski and Lewandowski 2000, Lewandowski 2001, Zalewski et al. 2001] or according to Kowalski’s view [2000]. Literature items should be provided in the alphabetical order in the following manner: the author’s (authors’) surname (s), first letter of the first names, year of publication when more papers of a given author are published in a given year, marking particular positions as a, b, c, etc. after the year; title of the paper; bibliographical abbreviation of the publisher and place of publishing, number of volume and numbers of pagers, e.g.

Chełkowski Z., 1966. Introdukcja troci do rzeki Gowienicy. Gosp. Ryb. 1(2), 18–19.
Greń J., Kowalski Z., 1972. Statystyka matematyczna,. PWN Warszawa.
Turski W., 1972. Projektowanie oprogramowania systemów liczących. Mat. Konf. Projektowanie maszyn i systemów cyfrowych, Warszawa, PWN, Warszawa, 132–139.

6. The main part of the paper (summary, the text proper of the paper and the literature) are to be included in one file. Tables, figures and other appendixes should be included in separate files. The publisher reserves the right to make abbreviations and corrections and to suggest alterations and factual supplementation agreed upon with the author.

7. The graphic material (figures, charts and diagrams) should be prepared and sent as a separate electronic copy (source files) in the programs working in the environment of Windows (e.g. in Excel, Corel Draw, Photoshop).

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