The Role of Agriculture in Territorial Identity and Competitiveness of Rural Areas

pod redakcją Anety Jarosz-Angowskiej, 2017, wyd. I, ISBN 978-83-7259-255-2, ss. 124, cena 27,-

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The context of the book is a continuation of research based on the experience of international project realized in 2009-2011 years titled "The role of agriculture in territorial identity and competitiveness of rural areas". The main objective was to discuss the changing role of agriculture in increasing the competitiveness of rural areas and identity - based regional development processes. Authors agree that agriculture can be still regarded as one of the main elements contributing to rural areas development but also try to identify another factors and among others recognize the special role of institutions together with resources and cooperation networks. The study was enhanced with practical examples illustrating the importance of agriculture in regional identity in the context of rural areas development.