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Faculty of Agrobioengineering

13 Akademicka Street, 20-950 Lublin, Poland

tel. (+ 48 81) 445-69-46, 445-66-44;  fax. (+ 48 81) 445-60-31.


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The Faculty of Agro-Bioengineering at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin is one of the oldest in the post-war Poland. It originates from UMCS created in October, 23.10.1944.

It consists of 11 organizational units, including 2 institutes and 9 chairs. It employs 132 academic staff- 38 professors, 7 post-doctoral assistant professors, 5 post-doctoral teachers, 55 doctors, 9 senior lecturers,18 doctors and MScs  as well as 60 technical staff and workers.

The Faculty has full academic rights to confer post-doctoral and degree in agricultural sciences in the field of agronomyas well as  doctoral degree in agronomy and environmental shaping. So far the Faculty has conducted 502 registration and conferment procedures for a doctoral degree and  165 for post-doctoral.

Up till now, 18,320  students have graduated from the Faculty, 11,275 obtained the MSc. degree and 7,045 BSc. At the Faculty, 2, 671 young people altogether study full- and part-time at 6 major fields of study: agronomy, commodities, economics, environmental engineering, tourism and recreation as well as land management. Also, 20 doctoral students study at the third cycle programme.