Global Manager in Agribusiness

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Become a specialist in participating in decision-making processes at all management levels and carrying out research and analyses that support global agribusiness management. The goal of education in the field of Global Management in Agribusiness is to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competences in the field of global multicultural conditions of agribusiness, which will allow candidates to quickly respond to increasing international competition and effectively adapt to the dynamically changing economy, natural environment and socio-cultural conditions, especially in the context of “One Belt-One Road” Initiative.


[ for Polish students tuition is free of charge ]





  • The curriculum includes 35 obligatory courses and 8 elective courses.
  • Subjects are divided into basic sciences, professional knowledge and others (e.g. foreign languages, first aid course).
  • Students are offered to freely participate in Chinese and Russian language course taught over four semesters.
  • The curriculum starts with basic subjects such as:  Basics of Economics, Global Society, and Agrotechnology in Modern Agriculture, Globalization and Internationalization in Agribusiness.  
  • Later on students are acquainted with:  Position of the EU, USA and China in International Agri Food Trade, Biotechnology, Quality and Safety of Animal Products.
  • Students can choose optional subjects such as, e.g.  Competitive Strategies of Agribusiness Enterprises, Global Marketing Strategies, Innovation Management in Agribusiness.




Why study Global Manager in Agribusiness at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin?


  1. You will acquire knowledge, skills and competence in interdisciplinary fields of agribusiness, economy and global issues.
  2. You will cover a large number of specialised subjects concerning globalization and Silk Road Initiative (EU – China cooperation).
  3. You will obtain a diploma recognised within the European Union.
  4. The ULS in Lublin has a long lasting tradition in specialised teaching and conducting research in the fields of agribusiness and economy.
  5. Located in the heart of Europe – Lublin is well known for its great cultural and student facilities.


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